Custom Motorcycle Accessories & Custom Bikes

At Big Daddy Cycle Works LLC, we offer a variety of motorcycle service options to our customers. We have a huge selection of custom motorcycle accessories for those looking to trick out their bike for a show or as a hobby. We also provide custom bike fabrication.

Trike Conversions

In addition to providing quality customization options, we also specialize in trike conversions. For those motorcycle riders who want the convenience of a bike, with the comfort of a car, this is your best bet. Our staff has all the necessary tools and knowledge to have you running again in no time. Find out more about our motorcycle service shop, or visit our special offers page to see all the great deals we have in store.

Keep your bike in top condition with great motorcycle service from the experts at Big Daddy Cycle Works LLC in Bonham, Texas. With more than 30 years of experience, we provide customized motorcycles, old and new bikes, trike conversions, and custom fabrication to customers nationwide. We are old school mechanics who love bikes, and enjoy getting our hands dirty. Allow us to work on your bikes from the 1920s to the 1970s, so we may create a bike that's perfect for you.

This has been a dream of ours for more than 25 years. We have extensive knowledge regarding bikes, and we are finally following our dream to create custom bikes for others. Bring your bike down to our shop and we'll get started creating your dream ride.


...every day, hour, minute. Especially when motorcycling is involved"



Find the perfect complement to your style and personality with custom bikes and motorcycle accessories at Big Daddy Cycle Works LLC in Bonham, Texas. We love providing custom work to personalize a bike to cater to the dreams and desires of the owner. Allow us to take your factory bike, and make it your own, complete with your style and vision.
Our staff has all the equipment to service your bike, anything from lowering a bike, extending the seating cushion, and installing custom footrests. Pretty much anything you might dream up, we are able to create. Take a look through some of the idea books we have available, and pick out your accessories, such as gel and memory foam seats.
For those who really want a custom experience, we are able to place the ends from a 57 Chevy™, Corvette™, Ferrari™, or 1940 Ford™ on your bike.
If a factory bike just isn't your style, we offer to build your bike from the ground up. Allow us to put together the kit you want in a style you create. Our staff is able to customize a frame and build the bike you want with any design features you have in mind. We customize every aspect to suit your specifications, down to the smallest detail. We even install air ride suspension and can provide Bobber™ bike builds, lightweight and chopped down kits, or a full touring kit.

Get the feeling of riding in a luxury car on your motorcycle with trike conversion services offered by the professionals at Big Daddy Cycle Works LLC in Bonham, Texas. A trike gives you the feeling of driving a $250,000 car without the expensive price tag. We are able to take your bike, without cutting or altering the bike itself, convert it to a trike for the affordable price of $9,400.
We use your existing sway arm to attach the new suspension and add a longer belt, which is all included in the trike kit. Your trike uses a totally independent suspension system, and we remove your rear fender and back wheel, which is returned to you. If you decide to convert back to a two-wheel bike, simply bring it by and let us unbolt the independent suspension and replace the original wheel, fender and belt, and you're back on the road.
A trike provides you with the full comfort of a seat for the back rider. We offer two kits that keep your original touring kit, but one makes the back a bit lower than the touring pack, and maintains all your special touring features. The other kit removes any kit on the back, but still provides the back rest for your passenger along with all your comforts.
Our shop provides basic motorcycle service, including state-of-the-art tire machines. The machines service or change your back tires, rims, or custom and factory wheels. We offer oil changes, brakes, leak repair, and general checks of your bike for safety. We also have an old school mechanic that works on bikes dating back to the 1920s and up until the 1970s. He is able to handle anything you need on your old model bike, and he also rebuilds motors from the ground up, including FlatheadsSM, Knuckleheads™, Shuffleheads, and Ironheads.



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